Moriya Croquette

Kobe is a great city for food, but if you are looking for a cheap deep fried bliss, Moriya butcher is the place you are looking for.

I stumbled on Moriya croquette on one of my last visit to Kobe.  The line in front of Moriya butcher shop was long , so I followed the first rule of foodism and lined up myself.

Moriya is located right in the heart of Kobe on a busy corner near the Daimaru department store. According to our Kobe friend, Moriya is an institution in Kobe with a couple satellite shops.

If I remember right, the croquette or korokke was only 80 yen and it is served burning hot.

I ordered the basic meat, onion and potato version which has a nice crispy outer layer of breadcrumbs and a great filling.

I sat on a curb, waited a couple second and tried to eat it without causing myself major burns.

On the day we were there, a TV crew was filming the masses outside of Moriya.

If you happen to be in Kobe and you are not completely full, you got to try Moriya croquette.


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