My Orange Kalita Coffee Grinder

When I left home today, I had no idea I would come back with a restaurant size coffee grinder, I guess life is full of surprises.

I found this unique Kalita coffee grinder at café Un Deux in Kurashiki. When I walked in it was love at first sight.

Café Un Deux is one of my favorite cake shop and the owner has recently displayed some old coffee grinders which are all for sale.

This old Kalita grinder was completely refurbished,  painted orange and slighlty modified.  The nozzle end was modified for ease of use with a metal cup.  The man who restored these grinders drove over the coffee shop to teach us how to clean the inside and to package the grinder.

From left to right:
An old Kalita grinder, an Hario Skeleton and my new electric grinder.

The new grinder is huge!

I plugged it right away and brewed a great cup of coffee.  I will experiment in the coming days to dial in the perfect grind size.

Let’s call this a little daily luxury.