Myondon yakiniku

My quest for great yakiniku has recently taken me just outside of Okayama City  to Myondon yakiniku.  The restaurant was recommended to my wife and we finally made it to Setocho which is more than an hour drive from where I live in Kurashiki.

Myondon is a big restaurant and we were told to make it early because it gets quite busy.


We sat at a big booth and peruse through the menu at ease.

We started with a really thick cut of salted beef tongue.

This was a memorable piece of meat and a big change from the thinly sliced tongue we normally order.

We decided to order two cuts of really fine beef.

One of the cut was a bit thinner than the other and it was suggested that to only BBQ for 10 seconds on each side. That meat was fatty and well marbled and tasted amazing even almost raw.

The second cut of beef was sliced a bit thicker, but it was very tender.

We also ordered a mix of horumon which wasn’t too bad.

These were all super fresh and I will certainly order more on my next visit.

If you want to try their award winning meat, you will need to get out of the city, but who knows, you might end up travelling that way one of these day.

The sauce at Myondon were pretty good, but my favorite is still the one served at Taiko. The tare or dipping sauce has a lot to do with the whole yakiniku experience in my opinion.

Myondon yakiniku

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