Nan House

Nan House is a tiny Nepali/Indian restaurant located in the Nakaicho area under the shinkansen tracks between the Tsuyama line and the Sanyo line. I’ve been there twice for dinner  and I was surprised by the taste of their curry.

I ordered the dinner curry set which comes with 2 curries, a soup, a drink and ice cream.

The soup.  Good stuff.

Overall, a pretty nice thali.  The onion pickles were especially surprising.

The dinner special comes with chicken curry and the house curry which is at the bottom of the thali.

Opted for the mango lassi.

The restaurant only has a few tables.

Ended this nice meal with a scoop of ice cream.

I’m always happy to find a new Indian restaurant in Okayama.  Nan House is worth a visit of you are in the area.

Nan House 
Okayama-shi, Kita-ku, Nakaichō, 1 Chome−1−3