Natural Wine at Ahiru Store in Tokyo

I recently read Natural Wine by Isabelle Legeron with great interest. The concept of natural or raw wine was new to me and I immediately tried to source a bottle.


I had the chance to visit Tokyo and a quick search on Google lead me to Ahiru Store which is located in the Kamiyamacho area not too far from Shibuya and the NHK headquarter. 

The whole area is quite nice and on my first visit, Ahiru was sadly closed on a day I expected it to be open. I ended up going to Fuglen for a coffee and changed plans.

On a second visit to Tokyo, I arrived to Ahiru Store at 18h10 to find the shop, which opens at 18h00, completely packed.

I was told by the staff that there was no space for me to eat and I was offered a standing spot in the corner next to the toilet. Apparently, it’s possible to reserve, which I strongly recommend. I’m not gonna lie, I was in a foul mood.  They told me I could wait 2 hrs, but I decided to just drink.

The wine store is tiny with only a few counter spaces. The wine selection was eye opening.

The menu

I could barely move, but I could see that the food looked delicious. I asked the staff to give whatever they like.

I got a second glass of red.

I ended up with an orange wine which was a first.

The wine were all pretty good. The ambiance from my corner next to toilet was pretty good too.  I am willing to give Ahiru a third chance in the future and will reserve beforehand. Ahiru is not cheap. Each glass was a bit over 1000 JPY.

The bread looked really good.

Ahiru Store

1 Chome-19-4 Tomigaya, Tokyo