Neighbor Coffee Company

Neighbor Coffee Company and it’s minimalist website popped on my coffee radar about a  year ago, but since I rarely go to Kojima, I never had a chance to pay a visit.

Kojima is certainly not the most exciting place in Japan, but it grows on you. And with places like Neighbor Coffee Company, I can promise you that Kojima is much more than the blue jeans capital of Japan.

Neighbor Coffee is located right in the center of Kojima across from the Seto bridge museum and the spanking new public library.  It’s a short walk from Kojima station which is the last stop before the Island of Shikoku.  The café is located on a second floor  and it’s pretty damn easy to miss it.

What a beautiful place!  Modern and bright with floor to ceilling windows on two sides.  I have already stated that I am a sucker for modern minimalist industrial design, but this place got it all!

It has a terrace

It has a super cool sound system, funky LP players and tube amp.

It also has tons and tons of super cool magazines.

The first thing that struck me was the New York City Doughnut Plant showcase.

I had these for the first time in Seoul and jumped up and down when I saw the shop in Tokyo and Kyoto.  Let’s just say I was a bit surprise to find these in Kojima.   If you like doughnut, you got one more reason to visit this coffee shop.

The second thing that caught my eye was the super sexy La Marzocco espresso machine.

It’s pretty, it’s shiny, can I have one for home?  The third good point was the brand new Kalita Wave drippers.

With all these fine tools, is the coffee any good?

YES!  The drip coffee was really good and the maple latte was not overly sweet.   On the menu the drip coffee is simply labelled organic coffee blend.  When I ask more details about the blend, I was told it was partly Colombian but the barista would not tell me who roasted their beans. The coffee is really good, but with no roaster in sight, I think they should not try to hide who their roaster is… especially when their coffee is obviously rebranded stuff.   Transparency is essential in the coffee business.

And… the doughnut was really good, I guess they get them delivered daily from Kyoto or Tokyo.

The service at Neighbor Coffee Company was really good and friendly. They have a small food menu which piqued my curiosity and I will certainly go back to try it.  It’s the perfect place to spend a lazy afternoon, browse through cool magazines and just relax.

So head to Kojima, enjoy the coffee and if you are so inclined, get yourself a pair of fancy Kojima jeans.  Let’s me know what you think of this place.

Neighbor Coffee Company


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