New King Tacos in Kin, Okinawa

The legendary King Tacos has a new address in Kin Town.   I visited the original King Tacos about 2 years ago and the new shop is great. The new shop is hundred meter away.

King Tacos is located in Kin 金, just outside the main gate of Camp Hansen which is  a big Marine base.  The clientele is a mix of soldiers, locals and some Japanese tourist curious to try the original taco rice.  The restaurant is about 50 km from the center of Naha, so it’s not exactly on the tourist trail.

So you order on the first floor.

The lady with the pink scarf spoke English to all the soldiers, so feel free to order away in English.  When you order, they will handle you a chip with a number on it.   Get a table on the second floor.

The second half of the room was occupied by a bunch of soldiers, I am pretty sure they don’t like tourist to shoot pics of them…

On the left, you can see the lettuce and cheese taco rice which sells for 600 yen.  On the right, under the pile of lettuce, there are the 4 tacos set for 500 yen.

We also ordered  french fries.

Incredible portions aside, the taste of the taco meat at King Tacos was right on the money. The salsa is good and I recommend you visit this place on an empty stomach.

King Tacos in Kin Town

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