Nyan Nyan Chinese Food

Finding great Chinese food in Kurashiki or Okayama has  always been a great challenge which I am proud to undertake whenever I have a bit of time. I came upon Nyan Nyan a few years ago and decided to write about it since it’s a great place for lunch and the food stands out more then the drab grey building.

Nyan Nyan  is located not too far from Aeon Mall is a busy Chinese restaurant and I recommend that you head there early if you don’t want to wait.

Look for this sign and if you come by car, there is a second parking next to the restaurant.

The lunch menu is quite a good deal and we opted for the 2100 yen menu.

This first small appetizer was brought to our table by mistake but I was happy to learn that most ingredients were grown of fished in Okayama.  The renkon (lotus root) were from Tsurajima where I live.  Locally sourced ingredients are always a big plus. The appetizer was given to us.

The appetizer that came with our menu: daikon, shrimps, chicken salad, pork, simple yet delicious.

Egg soup

Dim Sum

Pork dish

Seafood dish.  The scallops were delicious.

Simple dessert.

The food at Nyan Nyan is top quality and I really enjoyed the flavors. I am normally a big fan of cheap Chinese eateries where you would be afraid to bring a date, but Nyan Nyan is the perfect place for a classy lunch.

I have never tried their à la carte menu, but they have a very vast selection, be warn, it’s not a cheap place. If you tried anything on their menu, let me know how it was.

Nyan Nyan




Open at 11h30