Okakita Udon

On my second day of walking around Kyoto, I was ready to give up and pass out in my hotel room when my wife suggested we go out and eat udon. UDON!!!  Udon in Kyoto!  Really?   While udon might not be Kyoto’s specialty,?yet my visit to Okakita udon shop was worth crossing half the city.

Okakita is located near the Heian Jingu Shrine and the museum of Kyoto in a really quiet part of town. The area was pretty much dead apart from the line up in front of Okakita and another udon shop located right next door.

We got there after 7 PM and the restaurant was full and we had to wait about 20 min to get in. Our order was taken before we walked in the restaurant.

The restaurant is gorgeous and nothing resembling the small udon shack I treasure so much. The interior of Okakita is modern, warm and very classy. Udon slurping is rarely a classy affair, but this place feel upscale.

Okakita has been in business for 70 years and the taste and good service reflects their long history.

We started our meal with a kitsune donburi (rice bowl), the rice was topped with age-tofu and egg.

The donburi came with pickles and a very delicious red miso soup. The miso soup had some fresh yuba in it. Simply  memorable.

After this good start, I got my curry udon which was good, but nothing special.

The curry was too liquid for my taste and finished with some kind of starch to thicken it. The texture was a bit weird. The noodles at Okakita are thinner than the usual Sanuki type.

My wife ordered udon with yuba and egg which was incredibly delicious.  I felt right away that I ordered the wrong meal. The dashi base was solid and full of umami.

Yuba and udon just make sense. I would strongly recommend this udon.

Okakita turned out to be a nice Kyoto experience, a bit unexpected, but a life without surprises is so dull.




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