Okayama Kyobashi morning market

I got a special place in my heart for food market, so I woke up at 5 AM on a grey Sunday morning and drove to Okayama City to try the monthly market held by the riverside right behind the Okayama Prefectural Office. Kyobashi Asa Ichi is held on the first Sunday of the month while the Kurashiki morning market is held on the third.

We arrive at the market just after 6 AM and the place was already buzzing with activities.I was told to arrive early and I rapidly understood why, this market is really popular and you can expect some really long lines at the best food stalls.

The market offers both fresh produce and B-1 Gourmet food. The riverside location is beautiful.

My first stop was a coffee roaster where I bought of single origin Guatemala coffee.  Nothing like a good cup of pour over coffee to start the morning.

My wife bought a brochette of deep fried konyaku which tasted amazing. Really soft konyaku, great crispy flavour on the outside.

I then ate a butaman from my favorite shop in Okayama, but I felt bad about it because in a market like this, you got to pace yourself.

The multitude of choices is impressive at Kyobashi Asa Ichi, there is something for everybody.

The market has two sections, one on the street level and the other one right next to the river.

When we made our way down, I spotted a small Brazilian booth selling sausages.  I ordered a Brazilian hot dog and my wife got the taco.

The bread was light and crispy and the pork and beef sausage perfectly spicy.  The sausage was so good, that my wife ended up a sausage before we left the market.
The lady in the booth told us that they have a restaurant in Sadaiji which I will try when I have a chance.

I noticed a big line not far from the Brazilian place where they were selling Chinese porridge otherwise known as okayu in Japanese or congee.

In my book this is the perfect breakfast food and the spicy sauce gave the whole thing a really nice kick. I could easily eat this for breakfast everyday.

The place is weirdly called Foods Garage, but I could not care less for the name after tasting their congee.

I spotted a lot of other places, but I was completely full by then.

The chicken place is on my list of places to try on my next visit.

I tried the curry takoyaki in Kurashiki and this place is good.

The small pizza oven was cute, but the line was way to long for my taste.

Don’t miss a chance to visit the morning market in Okayama or Kurashiki.   These are rare occasions to enjoy high quality street food in a very festive atmosphere.

Okayama Kyobashi Asa Ichi   (first Sunday of the month, start at 6AM)

Right behind the Okayama Prefectural office on the river.


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