Ono Coffee Shop

Ono Coffee Shop in Okayama City is one of these places that might be too trendy for it’s own good, yet I recommend it for the cold coffee.

Ono Coffee is located right in the heart of Okayama City on Kencho Dori street.   I’ve noticed the Ono a while ago because of this weird motorbike/mini car parked on the sidewalk in front of it.

I sat my sweaty self inside this modern looking café and immediately noticed the two huge  Oji coffee brewers on the counter. Oji coffee brewer is the Rolls Royce of cold coffee brewing and these were the  behemoth  of the Oji coffee maker line up.

I ordered a cold coffee which was served in a nice glass with some liquid sugar and cream. The coffee was really smooth and rich like I expected it to be.

The lady told me that it takes about 8h to complete the whole brewing cycle.

As I sat down and enjoyed my coffee, I could not help but notice how precious the lady was, almost like she was she was too good to serve coffee. I was also baffled by how messy she was. Instead of washing dirty dishes, she just let them sit on the bar.

I also saw that the drip coffee was pre-dripped and kept hot, this might be good for Dunkin’ Donuts, but it’s not what you would expect from a place which is boasting of roasting their own coffee.  If Ono coffee is a coffee roaster, I didn’t see any coffee roaster which is a bit odd.

The decor is nice, the music is jazzy, the cold coffee is pretty good, but I had a weird feeling about the place. I am not sure I want to give this café another shot, when Kaeru coffee is about 100m away.

If you know an other place in Okayama to drink Oji brewed coffee, just let me know.

ONO Coffee Shop


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2 thoughts on “Ono Coffee Shop”

  1. Hi there!

    Have been lurking on your blog for a while as Okayama was where my wife spent most of her life in and we’re planning a visit back soon in spring. I think you might be proud to know that even she had no idea about most of the places you’ve introduced on your blog 🙂

    The reason that prodded me out of lurking mode is that I would really love to try out the Oji cold brewed coffee. May I know have you managed to find another cafe that serves the same brew or would you recommend this cafe again?

    Hope you’re having fun in Vietnam if you’re still there, would love to go HCMC again if time and budget permits 🙂


    1. Hi,
      You can find Oji cold drip at cafe 1518, Honky Tonk a few other places including Coffee Kan in Kurashiki. I hope you enjoy your time in Okayama. If you like coffee, so far 1518 is one of my favorite in the center of Okayama City.

      I only spent a week in HCMC, but it’s such a great place. Thanks for you comment.

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