Orizuru Coffee Shop

When I decided to find Orizuru coffee with the help of my friend Brian, I was not too sure where to start. The owner of Blue Mountain Coffee Shop in Kasaoka had highly recommended me Orizuru, but he had simply told me it was near the big department store in front of Okayama station.   Luckily, we spotted the shop right after lunch and it’s not the easiest place to find.

Orizuru is located in a thin and long building not too far from the Takashimaya department store. It’s only when  my nose was  pressed againt the window that I could confirmed it was an actual coffee shop.

The coffee shop itself is a long room with a beautiful wooden counter carved out of a large tree which can welcome six customers. We sat right in front of the coffee preparation area and if you visit the shop, I strongly recommend you sit in front of the coffee master.

The shop was empty when we walked in and the owner was very welcoming.  I slowly tried to focus my attention on all the little details which makes Orizuru a very unique coffee shop.

The coffee preparation area is really nice. Beautiful copper kettles and bizen yaki ware.

The coffee at Orizuru is roasted in the back of the store on a Fuji Royal roaster.  I have visited the shop twice so far and I have asked the owner to pick up my drink for me. On the first visit I was served a coffee from Yemen and on the second visit, I had a coffee from from Brazil.   Both were amazingly well prepared using a nel drip.

Both coffee were complex with a deep and rich taste. I don’t have a cupping degree and I won’t go into flowery descriptions, but it’s a heck of a good coffee cup.

Each cup is served with a little sweet and a small cup of diluted coffee which reveals a different dimension of the brew. It’s the first time I am offered such a coffee chaser and it’s a great way to discover the flavor of the coffee.

Orizuru means folded paper crane in Japanese and I strongly recommend that you visit this shop. Don’t go in a huge group, the shop is just too small and you might anger the regulars.

The owner of Orizuru has a real passion for coffee, the craft of roasting and the art of serving a great cup of coffee.  Don’t miss this unique chance.

Orizuru Micro Roaster


1-8 Nichiki-machi Kita-Ku


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