Osteria e Bar OTTO

I noticed Osteria e Bar Otto a little while ago when I stopped at the Usagiya stationery store (It’s located right next door). This modern restaurant is a short distance from the Kurashiki Aeon Mall.

My wife and her sister visited the restaurant last week and it left such a good impression on her that she decided we should go visit during the week-end.

The menu has 3 types of pasta and a meat dish.  The menu changes daily.

My wife ordered the Sakurajima chicken which comes with a small salad, a focaccia and a drink.

Hot focaccia

And the glorious Sukurajima chicken with the perfectly crispy skins.

I ordered the paccheri pasta served with a tomato sauce and pork which came with a different type of salad.

The paccheri was perfectly cooked with a simple, yet spicy sauce topped with very tender cubes of pork.

My pasta came with a dessert and I picked the lemon pie.

I also ordered an espresso

They use Kimbo italian beans on a nice little Cimballi.

Great meal and service.  Knowing that the menu changes daily is an incentive to visit Otto again.

The restaurant turns into a cafe in the afternoon.  It’s a walkable distance from Nishiachi station.

It should be noted that we both ordered the larger portions for a small extra fee which is an option and we shared our meal.

Osteria e Bar OTTO

362−5, Nishiachichō, Kurashiki-shi, Okayama-ken 710-0807

open at 8h30 AM
closed Tuesday
086-466-3988 (for reservation)