Tsumoro (Updated with a WARNING)

I recently went back to Tsumoro and was shocked by the bad service my family received.  We were 4 adults, 2 children and a small baby.  We ordered 5 dishes and they refused to serve us if we didn’t order another dish for my tiny little niece who was not hungry. The dishes are gigantic.
My family has been eating there for many years and it’s our last visit. Now you know, no OMOTENASHI at Tsumoro.   

I visited Tsumoro about 7 years ago and never connected the geographical dots until last week: this restaurant is only a couple minutes from my work place. I remembered the great hamburger steak or what the Japanese call hambagu (ハンバーグ), the revisit was so worth it.

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Marukame Udon in Vietnam

DisclaimerI visited Marukame udon on my third visit to Ho Chi Minh.  I tend to stay away from non-local food when I travel, but I simply could not resist.  I did resist to try the Yoshinoya at the new HCM Aeon mall.  

If you throw a rock in Japan, there is a good chance you will hit a Marugame udon shop.  Just a few km from my house there are 2 or 3 shops, so you can imagine my surprise when I saw one in the center of Ho Chi Minh.  Marugame became Marukame, but don’t be fool by the spelling, this is the foreign branding of the popular chain of udon restaurants.


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