Pain Cafe Atelier

The Tsurajima area of Kurashiki is famous for renkon and huge factories.  Pain Cafe Atelier is a small bakery just off the Mizutama Bridge Line. It’s also the only restaurant within a walking distance from my house.

Pain Cafe Atelier is a little bit hard to spot, I jogged in front of it for years without ever noticing it. It’s sandwich between a car transportation company and some old containers.

The front of the house is comfy.

The back of the house has a long counter, a kitchen and an eating area.

The bread is right next to the entrance. The bagels aren’t too bad.

The Anpanman made my son very happy.

I ordered the bagel shrimp avocado sandwich.

My wife ordered the curry

Cheese bagel and sweet bean bread

Pain Cafe Atelier roast its own beans.

This little bakery might be located in the middle of nowhere, but it’s nice to see such attention to details. If you are in the Tsurajima area, you should stop for a coffee.  The bakery is also very kid friendly.

WARNING: There is not much to do in Tsurajima.

Pain Cafe Atelier