Paul Patates Frites: the Holy Grail of Poutine

I have anticipated this visit to Paul Patates Frites for a very long time. If you ask any Montrealer about their favorite place to eat poutine, you will never get the same answer, but if you ask me, I will tell you to go to Paul on rue Charlevoix in the South West of the island.

Paul is not exactly located in a tourist friendly area and there is a big chance that most people in Montreal won’t visit Pointe St-Charles, a prominently working class area, without a good reason.

I have been to Paul for many years and I have rarely found any places more dedicated to the art of making amazing poutine and a great hot dog.

It’s also possible to drink home made Bertrand spruce beer which is a unique way to chase down all this greasy goodness.

The owner of Paul bought the recipe from the now defunct Bertrand hot dog shop and kept the recipe alive.

Paul looks like a dinner from another era with its jukebox on the long counter.

The menu is pretty straight forward, but I seem to always order a poutine with two cabbage mustard hot dogs.

That’s it, that’s all I need to be reconcile with an absence of 4 years. Same friendly service, same amazing fries and good sauce.

I will miss these two when I am back in Japan. If you visit Montréal and you want to try the real thing.  Go to Paul.

Paul Patates Frites , 760 rue Charlevoix


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