Pizza Liberta in Tamashima

Tamashima is right across from the bridge where I live and when I found out that a new pizza shop opened right next to the Marunaka grocery store, I pressed my wife to make a reservation at Pizza Liberta.

This is the pizza shop from the Maranuka parking lot.

Tamashima is probably not the first place you should visit if you come to Japan.   The Shin-Kurashiki station sits in a weird reconstructed area and much of the immediate area surrounding it just looks slightly off.  The old Tamashima is easily the coolest part of the city, but it’s so far from the station that you might as well give up on visiting it.

Pizza, yes, the reason why I crossed the bridge.  Pizza Liberta is located in the clean half of an old prefab strip mall type building. Without the big Pizza painted on the window, you might just drive by.

The interior is nice and simple.  The wood oven means serious pizza business.

The service was very nice and soon after we walked in at 11 AM, the place was really busy. The location seem perfect, the big Marunaka across the street is easily the busiest spot in Tamashima.

The lunch menu.

We ordered the C menu which is a really good deal.  One pizza, one appetizer, one dessert and two drinks!  These are Tamashima prices, don’t even try to find such a good deal in the center of any Japanese city.

The appetizer was good and quite generous. The small seaweed bread was outstanding.

I ordered the pizza Margarita since they seem to position themself as a true Neapolitan pizzaria.   They actually had a whole collection of books about Neopolitan pizza on display. Makes me wonder if the shop will become a Vera Pizza accredited shop…

My pizza was just the way I expected it, great crust, good sauce, nice cheese.

My wife ordered a pizza with potatoes and smoked ham. Good stuff.

The chef at work.

As you can see, they have boxes for  take out.

The dessert: matcha cake and tiramisu.  The cake was just OK, but the tiramisu was right on the money.

The pizza was really good and the location is perfect for us since we can easily park at the Marunaka. Most good pizza places in Kurashiki and Okayama have no parking which is a drag when you have to drive there.

The sign is cool, but hidden by the door.

Pizza Liberta is a great find in Tamashima. If you are in town for business it’s worth the stop. If you come by train, you can probably reach the restaurant on foot in 10 to 15 min.   It’s pretty much straight from the station and left once you reach the Marunaka.

I will be back for more in the near future.  They have lots of other pizza on their regular menu.

Pizza Liberta

086-522-9675 (reservations might be a good idea, the place is tiny)

Non smoking.