Pizza Riva in Hiroshima

On my latest trip to Hiroshima, I decided to make the trek to the Yokogawa area and try Pizza Riva.  I found Pizza Riva on the Associazione Verace Pizza napoletana website, but one friend who lives in Hiroshima had already told me it was his favorite.

Yokogawa is a very nice area to explore, it’s not the kind of place where the hoard of Hiroshima tourist would stop, more like a spot for locals.   I got to the pizzeria a bit early, so I had plenty of time to explore.

From the outside, Pizza Riva looks mighty good with its terrace which is quite a rare sight in Japan.

The interior has this European kind of look with nice wooden tables, expose pipes and faux antique looking walls.   The place looks really good and it’s not too kitschy.

Their menu is quite extensive, but I opted their Margarita D.O.C. which at 2100 yen is not cheap.

The pizza came out of the wood oven slightly charred and a bit watery. The D.O.C. is made with real mozzarella di bufala and fresh tomatoes which explains partly the wateriness of this pizza compared to a pizza made with canned tomatoes and regular mozzarella. It’s not a big deal since the taste was fresh, slightly acidic and sweet.

Was it worth 2100 yen?  I am not sure and I would have to try the regular version to decide, but it was definitely not a pedestrian pizza and the taste of the cheese was worth the premium price.

I ended up my meal with a nice tiramisu.

If you are in Hiroshima City, I think that Pizza Riva is a place to try, if you know any other great Hiroshima pizza place, please let me know.

If you go, it’s a great chance to walk around Yokogawa a little bit and experience the real Hiroshima.

Pizza Riva

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