Pizza Slice in Tokyo

Pizza Slice which is located in Shibuya between Shibuya and Ebisu station is the perfect pizza fix if you are nostalgic of sliced pizza.

The restaurant is beautiful in its simplicity. It’s definitely the classiest slice pizza places I have been to.

Pure happiness

I ordered a pepperoni slice and they nailed it down to the flimsy paper plate. The slice is thin and crispy, nice cheese and sauce. When it comes to slice pizza, I am not looking for anything crazy, I just want the familiar.

The usual fixing

Magic in the making

Pure beauty

Garlic gnots

Nice delivery bike

View from the door

The place is more expensive than what I was used to back home, but who cares? If you want something that cost around a dollar, you could always pick an onigiri.

Pizza Slice

1-3 Sarugakuchō, Shibuya-ku, Tōkyō-to