Pulp Cafe in Kuala Lumpur

When I got off at MidValley station, I wasn’t too sure how to get to Pulp Coffee, but I held my printed Google map and told my patient wife that it was over there, beyond the sea of buildings. After crossing a highway, a railroad track and a river, we ended up pretty much a hundred meters from the coffee shop. We did get lost at one point and walked into a mega mosque

This unique and very beautiful coffee shop is almost hidden in front of a industrial printing company.

The building is a great renovated industrial space, the kind of building you can find in Berlin or any gentrified capitals of the world.

Once I walked in this sacred caffeinated space, I learned that this Kuala Lumpur shop is an outpost of Papa Palheta, a coffee roaster from Singapore.

Sacred space it is!  It’s a coffee amateur dream filled with almost every coffee gear you could dream of.  The coffee goodies are pretty mind boggling, how about a Marzocco?  That would be such a nice souvenir from Kuala Lumpur if I could only afford it.

The open concept is pretty awesome and unique, the shop is a serie of coffee islands dedicated to one type of coffee preparation.  There are two main islands : the drip coffee and the espresso island.


You can sample 3 different coffees and see what beans they are offering. I quickly realized that Pulp was all about a very light roast, very third wave style.  More about their roasting choice later.

I ordered a Blue Java from Indonesia which was prepared using an Aeropress. They can also prepare it with a regular drip filter or a Chemex. I was very impressed by their Marco boiling water dispenser.

I enjoyed this focus on educating the customer, the barista even shared the proportion of coffee to water she was using.

My wife ordered a latte which was prepared on a Synesso machine.   My wife coffee was on the weaker side, but it was good.

My coffee was on the acidic and bright spectrum which has never been my personal taste. I realize that this light roasting brings out a wide range of flavours, but I sold my soul to the darker roast offered by most of the roasters I know in Japan.  A light roasted coffee is like a young Beaujolais wine, it’s good for one night, but I much prefer a full body Bordeaux.

The chocolate cake was good. Notice the color of the coffee.

Pulp has a nice cupping room.

A second room has three espresso machines.

Would I buy beans from Pulp? I’m afraid not, but if you fancy a light roast, go for it, it’s good stuff.

Dear Pulp crew, if you want to learn about good darker roast, please visit Japan anytime, I can introduce you to a couple of brilliant roasters.

I think that Pulp is worth the detour and the people who live in KL are lucky to have such a nice coffee shop.

Pulp coffee

29-01 Jalan Riong, Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur