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Where can you find a good pint of draught beer in the land of Asahi, Kirin and Sapporo?  I finally found a place to quench my thirst in Hiroshima city;Raku Beer is a great little bar where Japanese microbrewery beer can be found on tap.

Japanese microbreweries products are not well distributed and so far I have refrained from ordering online.  I prefer buying beer when I travel around Japan, looking for them at the local supermarket or liquor store.

While it’s easy to buy ji-biru in Tokyo or Osaka, I was immensely happy to find out that Raku Beer in Hiroshima city.

Raku Beer is located right in the heart of Hiroshima City.  It’s about 2 minutes from the famous Okonomiyaki Mura and if you are familiar with the city it’s right behind the Yamada electronic store.

It’s a nice space with only a few tables, a nice counter and a back wall lined with beer taps.  The inside of Raku Beer is modern and you get the feeling that the place is all about good beer.

The menu has beer from all over the country, Shimane, Miyazaki, Hiroshima, Tokyo…   but I ended up ordering an IPA from Baird Beer. The pint of IPA was 1200 yen, not cheap, but the beer tasted like nothing else I can get my hand on anywhere.

We also tried an hand pumped beer which was naturally carbonated. The beer was great and reminded me of hand pumped beer I drank in the UK.

I visited Raku beer after a party and I will most definitely do back to try the food. The kitchen looked really good.

Raku Beer is a bit of an oddball in the bar scenery of Hiroshima, but I can only hope that more bar like this one will open all over Japan. The microbrewery beer hasn’t penetrated the Japanese market very much yet and I trully believe that the country could benefit from a bit of hoppy diversity.

They have a pretty wide selection of beer: weizen, porter, fruity beer, stout, IPA, etc.   Go to Raku Beer and try one or more for yourself.


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  1. I had a strawberry ale there and it was great. You are right, the kitchen is excellent. We ended up ordering the cheese plate and I tend to judge those pretty harshly and wasn’t disappointed. From the presentation to the actual taste, I found the food as enjoyable as the beer.

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