Ramen Dojo in Akaiwa

Ramen Dojo is a busy ramen shop in Akaiwa City. There are plenty of fine places to eat in Akaiwa, but the amazing pork brings me back to this shop again and again.

The shop is pretty small, either you arrive a bit early or you will have to wait.

I always order the Tontoro ramen which has a ton of pork meat in it. It’s not the regular chashu, but I learned that toro is pork neck meat.

The first look can be a bit deceiving since the meat is at the bottom under the noodles.

These big fatty chunks of pork neck are cooked to perfection. The meat is so tender it falls apart.

The soup at Ramen Dojo has a nice complexity and balance.

Here is the menu. Tontoro ramen is 770 yen.

If you are in the Akaiwa area, Ramen Dojo is worth the detour.

ラーメン道場  Ramen Dojo