Ramen Jiro Mita Honten

Ramen shops are not created equal, but in the case of Ramen Jiro, we are talking about a category of its own.  I wanted to eat at this particular shop since I arrived in Japan.  I actually ate at the Shinjuku branch a few years ago, but a pilgrimage at the Mita shop is a must.

Only 3 people were waiting in line when I got there at 6PM , but remember that this shop is one of the most popular shop in the nation. Ordering is quite simple: 1-Ramen 2- Ramen and pork 3- Ramen with double pork. The second row is all the same in the bigger size.

The shop is minuscule and looks like a messy well oiled machine.

In the front, you can see the glorious pork being cut.

I ordered a normal size ramen with pork.  Once you ordered, they will ask you how much vegetable and garlic you want.  Please visit Ramen Tokyo for his excellent ordering guide.

Noodles in the front and soup in the back. Perfect team work.

Finally, my ramen was served. Once seated, I waited a good 10 min.

Lots of vegetable and a killer portion of garlic.

The noodles were amazing but the pork was simply divine.  I will order double pork the next time I have a chance to visit this shop. It’s a huge portion, but I heard people order smaller portions of noodles if you don’t have the stomach for it.

The soup was good and I did leave some of the fattiest chunks.

If you like ramen with a punch, Ramen Jiro is a must.  One of my student mentionned that fans of Jiro are called the Jirolian.  I am happy to join this Jirolian fraternity united by pork and fat.  Elon Musk even visited Ramen Jiro on his latest visit to Tokyo.

If you are in Okayama and you want to try a Jiro type ramen shop, Dantotsu is the place to go.

Ramen Jiro Mita Honten

港区 三田 2-16-4