Reading Blood, Bones & Butter in Japan

I’ve been in Japan for 4 years and my tiny window on the outside foodie world has been a constant source of day dreaming about meals I can’t possibly eat.   Blood, Bones & Butter written by the American chef Gabrielle Hamilton falls into this category of sweet foodie torture since I can’t possibly eat at Prune, her restaurant in NYC.

Call it food porn for the mind or gastronomical torture,I guess just love reading about great food .

Without sounding presumptuous, I am sure many of you might have the same feeling if you are reading this blog from America or elsewhere, Japan might also feel like a land far far away.

Gabrielle Hamilton autobiography is built like a typical bildungsroman and it is a beautiful reflection on how we build our food memories.  Many people might find foodie matters a bit trivial, but reading Blood, Bones & Butter makes it clear that childhood has an important role on how we will perceive food.

I am fascinated by the fact that Hamilton managed to balance a cooking and a writing career. I guess I am so how sadden by the fact I didn’t start cooking at an early age.

Her book is also a great reflection on authenticity and how important it is to experiment food in the moment. The no “bullshit” attitude of Hamilton is refreshing and gives me more reason to try to find my way to Prune.

I think that if you like foodie literature, Blood, Bones & Butter should definitely be on your must read list.

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