Restoran Vazhai Elai in Malacca

Malacca or Maleka is a small jewel of a city which can quickly turn into a tourist trap. During my stay, I fell in love with Restoran Vazhai Elai which specialises in banana leaf curry. The restaurant was a short walk from our tiny hotel and about 25 min on foot from Jonker Street.

I ended up visiting Vazhai Elai 3 times for breakfast during my stay in Malacca and I keep thinking about this place. My trip to Malaysia was somehow an eye opening experience when it comes to new taste.

I ate my first banana leaf curry ever at Vazhai Elai.  It turned out to be quite a nice experience.

Great rice, two types of meaty curries and two dhals.  The staff once again were very patient with us.  The curries were not too spicy.  Eating banana leaf is a bit messy if you aren’t used to it, I enjoyed  fork and spoon.   What an amazing breakfast!

This is the proper way to fold your banana leaf after your meal.  I followed the instructions in my Japanese guide book.

We ended up going to Vazhai Elai two more times for the Roti Canai.  Roti Canai is a classic Malaysian flat bread usually eaten for breakfast and a shocking discovery, I mean, this stuff is crazy delicious.

Roti is prepared on a hot plate.  They bring the sauce first.

The chef was barely awake, but he flipped the dough in an elaborate way before slapping it on the hot plate.

The result is a fluffy flat bread with a super natural lightness.

It was so good that we ended up ordering a second one on each visit. I doubt this this the healthiest  breakfast in the world, but it’s one to remember.

The roti goes really well with a cup of chai.

If you  have a chance to visit Malacca, it’s a good idea to explore the areas outside of the historical town. The streets around Vazhai Elai are full of interesting food and the fresh market is just around the corner.

Restoran Vazhai Elai

Jalan Munshi Abdullah