Returning to Pak Putra

By Luc Gougeon

When we decided to visit Melaka again, the idea of eating at Pak Putra weighted a lot in the balance. 2 years ago we enjoyed our meal at Pak Putra so much that we  kept playfully reminding ourselves about the next time we would eat it. (Click here to read my original post)

I’m not going to lie, food takes a big place in my life and travelling from Japan to Malaysia to eat chicken was not a big deal in my house. We ended up going to Pak Putra twice.

Melaka or Malacca has changed a bit since we came here, but Pak Putra stayed pretty much the same. The only difference I noticed was a nicer English menu with a lot of pictures.

We ended up ordering Aloo Gobi (potato and cauliflower), plain rice, tandoori chicken, one nan and two mango lassi.

The Aloo Gobi was not too spicy with generous pieces of cauliflower and potato.  On the second visit, I ordered a mutton curry that was very red but turned out to be delicious.

I noticed a lot a foreigners and wondered how many had read my original blog post.

The staff at Pak Putra were very patient with me taking tons of pictures.

If you end up Melaka, I believe a visit to Pak Putra is an essential. I hope this place will be in business for a very long time.

On our last visit, we decided to bring some chicken back to our hotel.

Pak Putra is a short distance from Jonker street which is the main tourist drag of Melaka.  The place gets really busy, so you can expect to wait a bit.

If you enjoyed Pak Putra as much as I did, don’t hesitate to drop me a line in the comment section.

Pak Putra