Sakamoto Kasaoka Ramen

Sakamoto ramen was recommended by two residents of Kasaoka and it was described to me as the real McCoy. The shop is located almost right across from Idehara ramen shop and it’s only a short walk from Kasaoka station.

Sakamoto ramen shop is a tiny affair with only 2 counter seats and a few tables.   When I went for lunch, the shop was full.

There is only one item on the menu, so ordering is as simple as ordering a normal or big portion.

I ordered the big portion.

Kasaoka ramen has a chicken base and the soup at Sakamoto has a very light shoyu taste. The noodles had a nice bite and the shashu is made from chicken instead of pork.

The two owners were really nice.

Sakamoto has an honor paying system which is just 3 plastic bins on the counter.

If you have anything bigger than 1000 yen, just ask the chef to make change for you.

Sakamoto is a very traditional and simple ramen shop. The place looks frozen in time and with a soup this simple and good, I am happy they don’t change anything.

Sakamoto Kasaoka Ramen

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