Salvia Coffee

サルビア珈琲 or Salvia coffee is a shop located in Yasugi, Shimane Prefecture.  Yasugi is a town between Matsue and Yonago. Yasugi has no major attractions, but I somehow end up going there quite often: good onsen, good soba and amazing coffee.

I was introduced to Café Rosso years ago by a friend who worked in Yasugi.  The owner, Hiroyuki Kadowaki, is from Yasugi and grew up in the family coffee shop.  Since I am a sucker for old Japanese coffee shops, I knew I would pay a visit one of these day.

Great beans from all over with a nice Fuji roaster in the entrance.

The coffee shop is very traditional.

I sat at the counter and ordered a cup of Mocha and Sumatra.

The lady was so nice with us.  We talked about coffee and food.  The pour over was a bit weak for my taste, but the roast was great.

I think that Salvia will be a regular stop when I visit Yasugi.  It’s a nice and simple coffee.

The shop has a lot of coffee equipment for sale.  I almost bought a Kono dripper.

If you happen to be in Yasugi, the Kadowaki will take care of all your coffee needs.

Salvia coffee

島根県 安来市 安来町 1918