Senya Ramen

Kojima is a small city in the shadow of the Seto Sea bridge not too far from Kurashiki city.  Once you go past the industrial waste land of Mizushima, Kojima feels like a breath of fresh air.

I went there this weekend for the annual Hinamatsuri festival. Kojima used to be a major salt producing area and the former owner of the salt factory built himself a huge mansion. The Nozaki House is worth a visit to Kojima, its majestic and doesn’t bear any scars from the WWII.

Now let’s talk about food!

Senya Ramen is my go to ramen shop in Kojima .   Their speciality is the miso taste ramen and octopus fried rice.   Octopus are caught only a couple of kilometers away, so it’s fresh.

Their set menu are all under  1000 yens and includes ramen, salad, a bowl of white rice and a couple of options like fried chicken, spring rolls or sweet and sour pork.

On this visit to Senya, I ordered the spicy miso ramen with a gigantic spring roll.  The smooth miso taste works great with spicy, it’s a great combination!

The portions at Senya are huge and I had a difficult time finishing my meal which is pretty rare. The restaurant was full by 11h30 with people waiting outside.  If you plan to visit, either arrive early or expect to wait.

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