Shake Shack Tokyo

I haven’t been to New York City in such a long time, but I did read about Shake Shack and the epic long lines associated with  this burger shop.   When I heard that a shop had opened a year ago in Tokyo, I knew I would eventually go there and experience the orderlly Japanese line.  

Eating a burger might not be the first thing you think about when visiting Tokyo, but when you eat washoku on a daily basis, a burger sounds like heaven.    

Shake Shake is located in Meiji-Jingu Gaien  which is quite a nice idylic location. I visited Shake Shack at night time, but I am sure that the parc is a beauty during day time.

The line was there, the same line that made the NYC Shake Shack famous.   I must have waited more than an hour to get into the shop.

I ordered a double Smoke Stack, cheese fries and a chocolate milk shake which came to a whopping 2600 yen.   

While in line, I had a chance to witness the preparation of the hamburger in the open kitchen. I really like this layer of transperency. The attention to details was there.

The menu has a bunch of stuff I would like to try, but with such a line, I doubt Shake Shake will be on my must re-visit list. When I am in Tokyo, I’m usually there on business and time is of the essence.

The shop itself looks really good with the recycled wooden tables and the outside burners which keep the terrace warm.   

The hamburger itself was good, tasty and  well prepared.

The cheese fries are a bit of a let down.  I like the fries itself, but being from Quebec, I find the melted cheese a bit of a let down. This is only me missing my poutine.

The quality and the taste were there, if you have the luxury of time, I guess that waiting in line in Tokyo is somekind of a thing that you MUST do.

I don’t know if Shake Shack plans to open other locations, but I would love to have one in Okayama where I sometime have the luxury of time.

Shake Shack

東京都港区北青山 2-1-15