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I spotted Shikiko, a new Taiwan restaurant located in Satosho on route 2 between Fukuyama and Kurashiki because its parking is always full. Since I am a sucker for spicy Taiwan food, I drove to Shikiko with great expectations.

The first impression was good: bustling restaurant, mountains of food in front of happy customers and the staff running around and screaming in Chinese in the kitchen.

After a minute or two, I noticed that the food on the neighboring tables was simply gigantic, enough to feed a sumo wrestler big.

I ordered some kind of beef stir fry which came with a Taiwan tonkotsu ramen, fried chicken, rice and a dessert.   My wife opted for a simple Taiwan ramen.

My wife got her order first and her ramen tasted pretty good.  Very simple shoyu ramen with meat and hot pepper.

When my meal came, I suddenly wondered how the hell I would eat all this food, it was a lot of food, even for a fat gaijin like me.

The tonkotsu ramen looked and tasted fake, like some powdered tonkotsu mix.  Noodles were fine, but the soup just didn’t taste that good.

The second offense was the visibly frozen fried chicken, forget the whole idea of a fresh made to order karaage.

The third offense was a very weird beef stir fry. It took me about 5 min to pin point the exact taste of the sauce and it turns out it tasted like olive paste.  I am not sure what the chef wanted to do with this dish, but it tasted pretty bad.

I actually ended up leaving most of my food on the plate which is something pretty rare.

Shikiko might be popular for the big portions and cheap price, but when you sacrifice quality that much, it’s not worth much in my opinion.

I don’t recommend Shikiko, if you want great Taiwan food, go to Ajisen in Kurashiki or Pyo Pyo in Fukuyama.


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