Shittora Korean Restaurant

Tamashima is right across the river from where I live and when I heard about Shittora, a Korean restaurant, I didn’t wait too long to go and try it.  I always appreciate when I get suggestions online and this one turned out to be a good one.

The restaurant is located on route 54 about 2 min from the big Marunaka super market and a short distance from the Shin Kurashiki train station. (I would say it’s probably a 20 min walk)

The exterior of the restaurant has the typical japanese strip mall look while the interior is all concrete and wood.

The restaurant looks really good with its long counter, small private rooms and open kitchen.

We went for lunch and they have a selection dishes at only 800 yen.

Each meal comes with a plate of pickles

and a cup of chicken soup.

They offer a bunch of Korean classics including bibimbab and different hot pot dishes.

I opted for the spicy pork stir fry.

My pork dish was well prepared, it tasted really good but I ended up wishing I had ordered the bibimbab.

My wife ordered a jjigae which is a traditional Korean tofu stew and it was much more authentically korean than my stir fry.

It was spicy and tasted like the stuff I had in Korea.

The menu might be enough to feed a small Japanese lady, but I ended up ordering  jijimgae korean pancake with green onion.

The  jijimgae could have been a tad bit more crispy.   The pancake was a bit too thick in some part.

Shittora is a good restaurant with an impressive menu. We will go back to try the nabe which seem the be the specialty of the house.

It’s a good address in a city which might not be on the number one list of places to visit for most people in Okayama. The area around Shin-Kurashiki is trully a uninspired, but there is some really nice well preserved area a bit further away toward the sea.

What is your favorite dish at Shittora?



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