Spicy Spice: South Indian food in Okayama

I recently complained online about the relative homogeneity of the Indian food scene in Okayama and somebody pointed me toward Spicy Spice. I’m glad they directed my attention to this small South Indian restaurant located near the Okayama City Hall.

I discovered South Indian food while travelling in Malaysia and craved it ever since.  The kitchen at Spicy Spice is a testament to fine crafted curry.

The chef who is from Kerala shared with me that he grinds his spices and uses seasonal vegetables.   He served me a small plate of burdock which are in season right now.

I ordered the beef which is quite uncommon in Indian cuisine, it’s actually a Kerala speciality. The beef was tender and the whole thali  offered a wide variety of taste and texture.

The dhal which is in the top left was made according to an Ayurvedic recipe. The dhal doesn’t have any garlic or ginger in it.   This dish was 1400 yen which is not cheap, but it’s a small price to pay for such an explosion in flavor.

The meal ended with a small glass of chai.

This is the current menu, but you can expect the menu to change on a monthly basis.

The restaurant is a walkable distance from Okayama station and there is no parking.

I am so happy there is such a restaurant in Okayama and you if you have any suggestions, please send it my way.

Spicy Spice パイシーパイス


1 Chome-2-21 Daiku, Kita-ku, Okayama-shi, Okayama-ken
Open at 11h30 AM