Starbucks Reserve Auromar Panama Geisha tasting event in Kurashiki

The Kurashiki Aeon Mall Starbucks held a special tasting event on September 17th for the new Auromar Panama Geisha.  It’s the latest Reserve coffee to come out and I was fortunate enough to be invited to try it for free.

The Geisha varietal is quite a rarity and commands a very high price.  Starbucks Japan offers the 250g bag for 10 000 yen plus tax.  It’s the first time that I attend such an event at my local Starbucks.  About a dozen customers sat around the long table and we were serve a cup of Autumn Blend while we were waiting.

Some very expensive beans.  We also got to smell the freshly grinded beans which has a very fruity aroma.

Three partners were taking care of us and they prepared the coffee with two big french presses.

The partners did a great job in presenting the coffee to us and were very friendly as usual.

And now for the coffee.

The Auromar Panama Geisha has some great fruity aromas and it is not roasted very dark.  This coffee had barely no acidity. It’s a very good and complex coffee, but I much prefer the new Maui Mokka flavor profile which is currently offered in the Reserve coffee menu.

If you are curious and you want to try the new Geisha, I suggest you hurry up and head to the Kurashiki Aeon Mall where they will always serve you with a smile.

The coffee is offered at 1650 yen a cup which is one of the most expensive cup of coffee offered at Starbucks but not the most expensive I have tried. Let me know what you think about it if you try it.

Starbucks Kurashiki Aeon