Streamer Espresso Osaka

I arrived in Osaka at 9AM and I was surprised to find the city so calm.  The sun was already scorching hot and the streets were empty when I made it to the Maxx Department Store. It’s weird to see the calmer side of Osaka and Streamer is the perfect place to start the day.  I think that Osaka kicks into second gear at around 11 AM, so it’s a blessing to find this place open.

Streamer is located right in the entrance of the store.

They have a simple menu

I ordered the espresso with milk

The coffee was made on a nice Simonelli machine by a talkative barista.

Simple latte art and great taste.

The coffee is served in a paper cup.

The espresso counter is simple and minimalist with a certain urban feel to it.

Old style couch.

If you need an espresso in style, head to Streamer

Streamer originated from Tokyo and it will be a stop the next time  I visit Tokyo where they have 2 shops. They roast their beans with a Probat roaster.

Streamer Espresso Osaka (inside the Maxx Department Stores)

1-25-12 Minamihorie, Nishi-Ku, Osaka


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