Sui Cao Dai Nuong

We started our day at Cho Binh Tay market right in the heart of the chinatown.  The Cho Binh Tay market is not as touristy as the Ben Thanh market in the center. It’s really worth a visit if you want to see a real market without being yelled at every 2 seconds.

We slowly wandered around the market and made our way to Sui Cao Dai Nuong  just before the lunch rush.


The restaurant is located on a busier street and it’s an incredible simple affair: a few tables, a super functional kitchen and a hell of a good owner.

He welcomed us in pretty good English and helped us order.

Our first order was the Sui Cao Chien which is a dumpling which reminded me a bit of the shengjianbao I had in Shangai.  It’s a bit like a Japanese gyoza with a tougher skin.

Everything at Sui Cao Dai Nuong is made from scratch on the second floor of the shop.

Our second dish was the Banh Hanh which looks like a pan fried break or pizza with scallion in it.  Nicely crispy and burning hot.

The third dish was a very simple Mi Xao which is somekind of yakisoba made with thicker noodles, chicken and eggs. It was oily, but good oily. The noodles were freshly made and had a nice texture, a bit chewier than udon.

After this, I decided to order the simple Sui Cao which are simply boiled. They reminded me of Russian pelmeni. It’s a great dumpling, but I like the pan fried version better.

The owner informed us that this shop was closing down on December 31, 2012, but they had already relocated in another space near by.

I didn’t have a chance to go to the new address, but I have no doubt the recipe is the same.   If you like dumplings, you will be head over heel for this restaurant.  I intend to visit the new address on my next trip to Vietnam.  (not enough time and stomach space!)   The owner told us that the new restaurant has a tatami room for the Japanese customers!

Sui Cao Dai Nuong also known as Sui Cao Viet Nuong

964 Tran Hung Dao, District 5, Ho Chi Minh

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