Susaki Daruma Nabe Ramen

I like nabe, I like ramen and the combination of the two is a pretty darn tasty idea. If you want to try this creation, you will have to travel to Susaki on the island of Shikoku.

Susaki is a small town about 30 km from Kochi City.  It’s a little bit out-of-the-way, but the nabe-ramen at Daruma is well worth the trip. Susaki has an old Japan charm with its faded shopping street and its harbour. The scenic road between Susaki and Kochi is stunning by the way.

Daruma is a small restaurant with only four tables.

We ordered the regular ramen et the kimchi ramen.  The regular is a chicken based soup with green onion, raw egg and some fish paste.  It’s simple, the noodles have a great bit and it’s served burning hot.

The best part of the meal at Daruma is the option of having them use the  remaining soup to prepare a great zosui.   Zosui is a rice soup and the Daruma version is pure genius.

The whole nabe-ramen suddenly makes a lot of sense since many Japanese will prepare zosui with the broth from nabe. This would be the perfect winter meal, I might think twice about eating such a meal in the middle of July, it’s lava hot!

I am planning a trip around Shikoku next year and Susaki is on my list of places to go back.  If you have been there and you have tried other nabe-ramen places, just let me know.