Sushi Katsu

By Luc Gougeon
Sushi Katsu is located right next to Kurashiki Chuo Hospital. The two are closely related in my mind since a sushi Katsu bento was the first thing I ate after my wife gave birth. It took a year, but I finally visited the restaurant that made that unforgettable bento box.

Sushi Katsu is old school.  You get the feeling that they have been serving sushi for many years.

I have been in Japan for almost a decade and I still get a kick out of eating  good sushi.

If you don’t fancy sitting on the floor, they have tables.

Sushi Katsu has a 1000 yen daily lunch which is hard to beat.

Chawan mushi

Beautiful set. The fish was great and at this price it’s a steal.

Simple soup

Sushi Katsu is a walking distance from the Bikan historical area. The service at Sushi Katsu was very friendly.  If you happen to visit Kurashiki Chuo hospital, remember that they have a mean bento box.

Sushi Katsu 

1 Chome-8-1 Miwa, Kurashiki-shi