Kurashiki Krispy Kreme/ CLOSED


WARNING: This post has nothing to do with Japanese food. But if you like to indulge in sugary guilty pleasures, please keep reading.

It’s official!!   Krispy Kreme has opened his first donuts shop in the new Ario Kurashiki shopping center in front of Kurashiki Station.

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Ajisen: Taipei in the Heart of Kurashiki

I’ve been to Ajisen ramen  shop 4 times in the last month or so, it’s that good!   Ajisen ramen is often on my mind and as I write this, I am wondering when I can go back.  Why is it so good?

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Kurashiki Coffee-Kan

I have walked in front of this discreet coffee shop on numerous occasions without really noticing it.  Kurashiki Coffee-Kan is located right in the heart of the historic Bikan area of Kurashiki city in  Okayama Prefecture.  I think I might have found my little  coffee heaven only 20 min from my house.

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