Lucky Peach #2 review

The Fall/Winter 2011 issue of Lucky Peach which is titled  The Sweet Spot explores in many ways the fine margin between unripeness and rot, good taste and bad taste, too early or too late. I don’t know if it should be called food existentialism, but David Chang and his collaborators are raising some really interesting questions.

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Pappy Van Winkles 20 Years Bourbon

I’ve never been much of a bourbon drinker, so I write this from the perspective of an occasional single malt drinker who has a Jack Daniel’s once in a while. Somehow this fine Kentucky bourbon found it’s way to Kurashiki.

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Lucky Peach #1 and Ivan Ramen

When I heard that David Chang,  the mastermind of Momofuku restaurant,  created a magazine about ramen, I ordered it right away  and awaited my copy of Lucky Peach like a kid waiting for Santa Claus.

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