Takata Sairan Eggs

Eating eggs in Japan can leave the most adventurous eater shocked and scared. I arrived in Japan in 2008 and I can still remember looking in disbelief at somebody cracking a fresh egg into a bowl and dipping sukiyaki into it.  I was open minded, but eating raw egg was pushing it.   Takata Sairan specializes in serving raw egg over rice which is commonly know as tamago kake gohan.   Oh yes, I overcame my initial reaction… it’s delicious.

Takata Sairan main shop is located on route 168 between Kasaoka and Kurashiki. Originally, the farm sold their eggs in a vending machines, but their flagship shop offers numerous egg related preparations.

They offer fresh eggs to be eaten raw at home.

They also sell cakes and puddings.

The restaurant opens at 11AM.

The restaurant only serves tamago kake gohan.   But at 300 yen for all you can eat rice and egg, it’s a very good deal.

If you have never eaten tamago kake gohan, break the egg, add a dash of soy sauce, mix everything and enjoy.

The restaurant is not that big

They also have crème brûlée if you want something sweet after your rice.

My son liked the  crème brûlée very much and ate one by himself.  It was a messy affair, but I second his opinion, this is good stuff.

These are the people who arrived just after the opening.

Takata Sairan is not located near a station, it’s pretty much in the middle of nowhere, but if you have a car, it’s worth it.

Takata Sairan  たかたのたまご