Takesan Tei: Ishigaki yakiniku

Ishigaki Island is  the last frontier of Japan, a remote outpost closer to Taiwan than the main land. It is also famous for it’s beef and I had a chance to try it at Takesan Tei.

Takesan Tei is located a couple blocks away from the tourist street.

The restaurant was really busy and they offered a great menu of Ishigaki beef.

A couple second before the great food started to arrive.

Veggies locally grown.

Beef sinew

Beautiful Ishigaki beef

More beef!

Horumon mix or offals

Beef tongue

More horumon

The meat was top grade and the service at Takesan Tei beyond reproach.   I was happy my wife found this place.

I know this place is not exactly the easiest place to get to, but such a nice restaurant makes the whole trip worth it.

The special cuts of the day are posted on the wall, I suggest you get there early if you want to eat the best parts.

If you visit Ishigaki, reserve early and take a small walk to Takesan Tei. One more thing, their passion fruit chu-hi was really good!

Takesan Tei

2-2-4 Hamasaki-Cho




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