Takimoto Yakiniku

Who the hell goes to a piggish dinner at 4h30 PM?  Apparently, there is a shit load of people who aren’t phased by the early hours in this deep suburb of Osaka.

We got to Takimoto meat shop at 3h30 PM, a solid hour before the official opening so we could write our name on a white board. To my biggest surprise, we were beat by a local lady who always wanted to try Takimoto.

It only took about 50 minutes for 13 tables of dinners to write their name.

Takimoto is a busy butcher shop and people kept pouring in to buy meat for the hour we spent waiting.

In front of the shop, a mess of horumon was cooking on a hot plate.


I say a mess because it was a mix of all kind of offals, but it turned out to be popular with the locals.

The pile of horumon was sold out in less than 45 min and the butcher lady started cooking a new batch right away.

At 4h30, the meat fest began!  The restaurant which is located in the back of the butcher shop is pretty small, intimate and the service is topnotch.

My wife was ordering and when it came to order horumon (offal), we kindda hit a wall.  While most yakiniku places have one or two horumons on the menu, Takimoto has a whole page with every parts of the animal cut up  in various ways.   We ended up walking to the front of the shop to find out what we wanted to order.

We first ordered beef tongue.

A marbled cut of beef very Kobe beef like.

And something they called techan which is the most common form of horumon found in Japan.  I call it motsu.

We also ordered kimchi and pickled daikons and cucumbers.

The beef was soft and tender and a steal at under 1400 yen.

The horumon were soft and probably the best one I have ever eaten in Japan.

We then ordered tripes

and another cut of beef.

Tripe can be nasty if not fresh, but the tripe at Takimoto was well marinated and super tasty.

We are lucky we made it to Takimoto on an empty stomach.  If you plan to go, Sakaihigashi station is probably a 10 min walk through a very pleasant old area of Sakai.

I found the sauce  to bit weak, but I guess it’s simple in order not to over power the taste of the meat.  These were buckets full of their home tare.

I was joking that this place could be perfect if I could smuggle in the sauce from my favorite yakiniku place in Okayama.

The meat coma was worth it and I am sure, I will find my way back there one of these day.  If you are in Osaka and you want to get out of town, head to Sakai and enjoy pointing at the cut of meat you want.  By the way, Takimoto is pretty cheap too!



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