Tatsumiya Tokushima Ramen

I spent Christmas day on the road and after a couple hours of driving, I rolled in Tokushima city;  I was hungry, a bit tired, but ready to eat the famous Tokushima ramen.

We stopped at Tatsumiya which is on the edge of Tokushima city center near the Yoshino river. The restaurant was surprisingly busy in the middle of the afternoon which is always a good sign.

I ordered ramen with shashu

My wife got the same with a raw egg which is a signature element of Tokushima ramen.

Tokushima ramen style is based on a dark tonkotsu-shoyu soup. The pork soup is really dark and rich but it has a very delicate taste.  The ramen is topped with soy beans, green onions and bamboo shoots.

The noodles are on the thinner side and  straight, not exactly Hakata style, but similar.

The shashu was quite good, but I had my eyes on another version which had a reddish kind of soup and a different type of shashu.

I was so curious that I gave in and actually ordered a second bowl with this marinated meat.

The soup had a stronger flavor than the regular shashu, but not too overpowering.

I doubt that eating two bowls of ramen is remotly healthy, but heck, it was Christmas!

Tokushima can easily be reached from Kobe  by crossing the Akashi bridge which goes to Awaji island. It’s also very close to the famous Naruto whirlpool.

If you ever visit the area, don’t hesitate to try Tokushima ramen.  If you have a favorite Tokushima ramen shop, please share with me.

Tatsumiya Ramen

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