Tatsumiya tonkatsu

After driving in front of Tatsumiya for 8 years, I finally stopped and tried the tonkatsu (pork cutlet).

Tatsumiya is located on route 2 right in Konko. Konko is an interesting little town just outside of Kurashiki. The restaurant always looks busy and I now understand why.

Once again, I was fooled by appearance, there is something going on inside this ordinary looking house.

I decided to visit Tatsumiya on a Sunday and I had to wait a solid 30 min to get a table.

The restaurant only has a few tables and they sold out before 1 PM.  Yes, they simply sold out.

A couple runs the restaurant, the woman takes care of the front of the house while the man is in the kitchen.

I ordered the pork fillet and shrimp.

The picture doesn’t do this set justice, it was HUGE.   The set was around 1400 yen. The fillet was tender.  They give you the option of white rice or rice mixed with beans.

You also have a choice of sweet or spicy sauce.

And you can mix it with fresh sesame seeds.

My wife ordered the B set

Both meals were simply delicious and unexpected. I’ve been driving in front of this place for 8 years, my wife remembers this place being around for much longer than me.

While you are waiting, you can enjoy the drink bar.

I just love how they tacked the bag of Okayama rice to the wall.

The restaurant is a short walk from JR Konko station.

Tatsumiya  たつみや

岡山県 浅口市 金光町大谷 445-2


Open at 11 AM