The return of the prodigal foodie

My last Montreal meal was at Au Pied de Cochon and the rich artery clogging  experience still lingers in my mind after 4 years living in Japan.

Since then, I have often reflected on the notion of home sickness and I had several phases of intense food craving. Nature hates void, but Japan has slowly replaced  my craving with its own delicious food as for once I craved poutine, I now crave a good okonomiyaki. I could still eat poutine anytime of the day, but the craving has gone away, I got the cheese curd monkey off my back. Addiction is for life and I know that I will carry Montreal food in my gene.

This July, I will spend a short 2 weeks in Montreal, a 2 weeks in a city I dearly love.

So I decided to make a list of things I really miss and will try to eat as soon as I come back home.

1- Poutine

2-Fairmount Bagel

3- Smoke meat

4- Italian deli sandwich and Polish/German type sandwich

5- Hot dog

6- Greek food

I can’t possibly eat all the stuff I have wanted to eat in the last 4 years, I have a feeling this trip will be about enjoying each meal to the fullest.

In the coming week, Foodie Topography will be going on the road far from Japan and Asia.  I can promise you a hell of a foodie trip to my hometown.  If you got suggestions, please send them to me.




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