Tim Ho Wan, Hong Kong

When I read about Tim Ho Wan being the cheapest Michelin starred dim sum restaurant in Hong Kong, I knew I would have to give this place a try. It turned out that the Sham Shui Po branch was only a few minutes from the Youth Hostel where I stayed.

I went to Tim Ho Wan alone and I wished I visited this place with a group so I could sample the whole menu.

Tim Ho Wan is a world away from the insanity of Li Heung Tea House where you have to fight for your basket of dumpling. The process at Tim Ho Wan is more streamlined, just fill in the order sheet.

I waited for my order while listening the table full of Japanese tourist next to me with a big smirk on my face.

First was the shrimp dumpling.  The Honk Kong classic.

More shrimp dim sum

Glutinous rice

The star of the show was the baked buns with BBQ pork which tasted like the Japanese “melonpan” with spicy pork in it.  Amazing!

I visited Tim Ho Wan after waking up from a long afternoon nap, I was groggy as hell and these buns made me really happy.  As much as I want to try the rest of the menu, I guess I would recommend to anybody visiting Tim Ho Wan not to skip these.

Tim Ho Wan is famous for being a really busy place and you can expect in most cases to wait in line for it. I guess the Sham Shui Po branch wasn’t too busy the night I visited.

Look at this smile, this is the smile of a woman who is happy to make some kick ass dumplings.

Tim Ho Wan

9 Fuk Wing St, Sham Shui Po, Hong Kong