Toh Soon Cafe in Penang

My coffee adventures in Malaysia has been a serie of hit and misses. The small Toh Soon Cafe in Penang is must try if you want to drink the best of kopi.

The shop is located in a narrow alley which runs parallel to Lebuh Penang almost on the corner with Lebuh Campbell.

The place was always full of happy locals enjoying a cup of white coffee with an order of homemade kaya toast. When a place is this full all day long, you know there is something unique and special.

The coffee was great. Very sweet and rich.

The toast were thick and the kaya tasted amazing. These were very different from the one I ate in Ipoh which were very thin pieces of toast.

After my third visit to Toh Soon, I saw how the toast were made.   The hot water for the coffee is heated in a big oil drum and the toast were toasted directly over hot coal. It must be hell of a difficult job, but I guess the taste justifies this back braking routine.

Simplicity in this case is bordering on genius.

I have a feeling that Toh Soon might have changed my perception of what a great coffee place is supposed to be.

I also ate a very simple rice dish for breakfast.  The wrapped packages on my table looked mysterious.

Turned out to be simple rice with beans, dried fishes and somekind of hot sauce. A must try.

The simple black coffee without condensed milk was also something I won’t forget anytime soon.

A couple of days later, I noticed that the local Starbucks were almost empty, no wonder when you are in a country where you can find an amazing cup of coffee for just just the fraction of the price.

Toh Soon Cafe

Lebuh Campbell and Lebuh Penang
Penang, Georgetown,Malaysia