Tokyo Tea Room in Okayama

When I first saw a picture of the Tokyo Tea Room in a book about old Okayama coffee shops, I knew I would eventually find my way there. This very unique shop is located on Akura Dori not too far from the amazing Fa Niente restaurant and I am pretty sure I walked in front of it many times and  never stopped because of the  UCC coffee sign. Ueshima Coffee company produces some good coffee, but it’s never my first choice.   Something else took me here, just keep up reading…

To be honest, coffee might not be the first reason to visit Tokyo Tea House which was opened in 1958.

The RCA Victor sign over the door is just of small indication of the audiophile heaven hidden inside.

The tea room looks like a very well preserved time capsule and if you appreciate anything remotely retro, you need to run there!   Places like that are rare and precious.

The coffee has two floors and this is the ground floor.  The first thing that caught my eyes were the monster speakers in the back.

The speakers were custom made by Yamaha and the owner of the coffee who turned on the system just for me indicated to me that some of the inner parts were from Pioneer.  So, just sit back on sofa and enjoy some great classical music.

Some very nice vintage turntables were on display next to cash register which sounded like the register of my youth.

If you look up, you can’t miss the massive chandelier.

The second floor is just as nice as the first floor.

The speakers in the back are from RCA Victor.

With the nice RCA turntable

The store LP collection

This is a very nice place to sit and relax.

There is a impressive collection of VHS tapes on the first floor which I am sure can be played on the old fashion tube television on the second floor.

I ordered the cake set.  The chocolate cake was good and the coffee pretty decent and had that particular old coffee shop taste which I guess is expected from the older clientele and numerous business men I saw there.

Places like these are rare and a real paradise for audiophile.   I will go back to eat the curry and rice lunch and enjoy some more music.  If you know any other places like this anywhere, please don’t hesitate to recommend them.

Tokyo Tea Room


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