Tokyu Curry

Curry might be the last thing you associate with Japan, but it’s has been a national favorite since it was first introduced by the British navy during the Meiji era and was adopted by the Japanese to a point where it is considered a national food.

Japanese curry is an historical and geo political culinary dream come true and Tokyu Curry in Hiroshima which was suggested by a friend who knows his curry and it’s a great place to try Japanese curry.

The restaurant is located near the main shopping arcade, it’s on a second floor, but just look for the bright yellow sign.

The restaurant itself is a collection of odd things: paintings, chotchkies, posters and furniture.

The restaurant has a very personal and artsy feel and I guess I could qualify the style of the place as “old European clutter”.

The English menu is pretty easy to navigate.  I ordered the very hot beef curry which is only 650 yen.

To my surprise,the curry was actually spicy, complex and really enjoyable. The portion is generous.  It’s beefy, simple and light years away from the weak stuff which is prepared in almost every household in Japan.

Tokyu Curry is a pretty good deal right in the heart of Hiroshima City, go try it for yourself.

What is your favorite place to enjoy a good curry and  rice in Japan?

Tokyu Curry

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